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7 Very Useful Websites Everyone Should Know (2018)

There’s millions of websites on the internet, but sometimes it’s hard to find the best ones.

In this article (and the video above) I’m going to show you 7 very handy and useful websites that everyone should know about.


#1 FileZigZag


If you want to convert some files, any files, then I’ve found the perfect website for you. At you can convert many common file types. This includes a lot of video, audio, image and document formats. is easy to use. Just drag and drop or select your file, choose the file type that you want to convert it to, enter your email address and click ‘Convert’. The download link will be sent to your email when the conversion is finished. But if the queue is not too long, you can also wait for the file to process and get the download link directly on the FileZigZag website.

There is however a file size limit of 100MB. But this can be increased to 180MB if you register for a free account.


#2 AudioTrimmer


Cutting and cropping audio files, as well as doing some very basic edits, is now easy and can be done online at

Just select a file to upload, many audio formats are supported. Then once the file is uploaded, adjust the green handles on the left and right, by clicking and dragging with your mouse or using your keyboard arrow keys for fine tuning.

Once you’re done trimming, choose whether or not to apply a fade effect, click on ‘Crop’ and then click on ‘Download’ to save the trimmed file to your harddrive.


#3 Google Keep

Google Keep

Google Keep is a useful website to keep notes. You can not only use it in your web browser, but also as an app on Android or iOS smartphones.

With Google Keep you can take regular text notes, make lists and upload notes with images. If you make a list, you can also check off items on it, and they will be crossed out and moved to the bottom of the list.

It’s also possible to organize notes with labels and change their background color. Additionally, you can add collaborators to your notes, who can then also edit them. But remember that these people must have Google accounts as well.


#4 Tutanota


Free email services such as Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Outlook are easily snooped upon by the US government. They also don’t offer any options for email encryption. is an encrypted email service provider based in Germany. They offer free encrypted email accounts with 1GB of storage space. Emails can be accessed through webmail and their Android app.

Signing up for an account is very easy and straightforward. Just go to and click on ‘Sign up’. Now enter in your desired username and select a domain. Then type in a password, tick the Confirmation box and click on ‘Create account’. That’s it, you’re all done.

Remember to save your password though, because your entire account is end-to-end encrypted. That means if you lose your password, Tutanota cannot recover your account.


#5 GuerrillaMail


Trying out a website or downloading files, such as the file conversion results from FileZigZag, sometimes requires that you provide an email address. But if you don’t want to possibly receive a bunch of spam mail, then you can use a temporary disposable email address from

When you first arrive on the website, you will already have a randomly generated temporary inbox ID code that you can use. Just use the code and a domain from the drop down list as your temporary email address. If you want to change the ID, just click on the inbox ID next to the @ symbol, enter in a new one and click on ‘Set’.

You can also choose a different domain name from the list. But the emails will go to your inbox ID regardless of which domain you’re using. Please note that all of these inboxes are public, so if someone knows your inbox ID, they can see the emails you have received. However you can delete any emails in the inbox and if not manually deleted, they will be purged within 1 hour.

GuerrillaMail can also be used to send emails with file attachments up to 150MB per email.


#6 JumboMail


Sending large files has never been easier. With you can send files up to 2GB for free, and you can increase that to 5GB by signing up for a free account and helping to promote their service via Facebook.

JumboMail also has additional options when uploading your files. You can block social media sharing, add a password, limit the number of downloads and send the download link to undisclosed recipients. It’s also possible to upload files and simply receive a link to the download that you can share, rather than sending it as an email.

Using JumboMail is simple. On their website first type in the email address of the person you want to send the file to. Then type in your email, a subject line and a message. Choose some of the security options if you need them. Now click on ‘Next’.

Add your files, and click on ‘Send’. Wait for the files to upload, and that’s it.



#7 TransferWise


From sending emails, to files, and now money. If you need to send money to people in other countries, you should consider using instead of Paypal, Western Union or bank transfers. They have some of the lowest fees for transferring money acorss borders.

Basically TransferWise has bank accounts in over 70 different countries. So if you’re for example in the UK and you want to transfer money to a friend in Germany, then you will send british pounds to the TransferWise UK bank account and your friend will be able to receive euros from their German bank account. There’s no actual transaction between the UK and German accounts, like a bank or wire transfer. That’s why they are able to have such low fees.

There are two downsides with TransferWise. One downside is that you can only send money to bank accounts, and another is that sometimes transfers can take a while, depending on when and where you’re sending the funds.


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