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Top 5 Best Chrome VPN Proxy Extensions (2018)

VPN clients encrypt all of the traffic between your computer and the internet. However there are also Chrome web browser extensions that only encrypt the traffic from your web browser. You can use these extensions together with a full VPN service.

This will allow you to more quickly change IP addresses for your web browser. It also adds another layer of encryption and security. In this article and the video above we are going to look at the top 5 best Google Chrome VPN proxy extensions.

# Name Bandwidth Speed Sign up Free Locations
1 Windscribe Up to 15GB/mo Excellent Yes 11
2 Hoxx VPN Unlimited Good Yes 26
3 Hotspot Shield Unlimited Average No 11
4 Betternet Unlimited Average No 2
5 Browsec Unlimited Average No 4


#1 Windscribe

Windscribe Best Chrome VPN Proxy Extension

Windscribe is a VPN service based in Canada. They offer free full VPN accounts with monthly limits of up to 15GB, access to 11 free server locations and excellent connection speeds. In addition to this they have a Chrome browser extension with similar features. To use the extension you have to sign up for an account. But neither the full VPN nor the browser extension have any advertisements.

If you want the full 15GB/month, you have to provide an email address when signing up and promote Windscribe with a tweet.

Windscribe Homepage | Sign up for Windscribe | Windscribe Chrome Extension


#2 Hoxx VPN

Hoxx VPN

Hoxx VPN offers a free Chrome VPN proxy extension with unlimited bandwidth and access to 26 different country locations. However they have no full VPN program that will protect your entire internet connection, only a web browser extension. Connection speeds for Hoxx are good as well.

The browser extension is also available for Firefox and Opera. There’s an Android app for Hoxx VPN as well.

Hoxx VPN Homepage | Register with Hoxx VPN | Hoxx VPN Chrome Extension


#3 Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield provides a free VPN service as well as a Chrome proxy browser extension. The free “full” VPN is ad-supported but the browser extension only annoyingly urges you to upgrade to a paid account.

The Hotspot Shield Chrome VPN proxy extension has unlimited bandwidth and access to 11 country locations. However the connection speeds are sometimes a bit slow. Hotspot Shield is also available for Android.

Hotspot Shield Homepage | Hotspot Shield Chrome Extension


#4 Betternet


Betternet has both a free full VPN service for Windows and browser extension for Chrome. However the downside with Betternet is that they only have free servers in the US and UK.

But Betternet does have unlimited bandwidth and average connection speeds.

Betternet Homepage | Betternet Chrome Extension


#5 Browsec


Browsec provides free VPN proxy browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. They also have apps for Android and iOS mobile devices.

With the Browsec proxy extension for Google Chrome, you do get unlimited bandwidth and access to free servers in 4 country locations.

Browsec Homepage | Browsec Chrome Extension


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