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Top 5 Best Free Sound Effect Resources (2018)

In this post we are going to be looking at some websites and other sources where you can get free sound effects for your YouTube videos and other projects.

Most of these sound effects are licensed as royalty free, Creative Commons or Public Domain, so you don’t have to worry about copyright issues.

# Source Quick Notes
1 YouTube Channels SoundEffectsFactory, Gaming Sound FX, Dank Sound Effects are just a few of the dozens of free SFX channels on YouTube.
2 YouTube Audio Library YouTube AudioLibrary has both free music and hundreds if not thousands of free sound effects.
3 SoundBible Creative Commons licensed free sound effects. No signup required to download!
4 FreeSound Thousands of user added free sound FX, but signup and login required to download.
5 A few thousand free sound effects, well categorized, easy to find what you need. Login required to download.


#1 YouTube Channels

YouTube Channels Best Free Sound Effects Resource

You can actually find a lot of sound effects on YouTube just by using the search function. However there are also a number of channels that specialize in uploading free sound effects. Here’s three to get you started.

Now you may ask, how do I download these sound effects. Well, often they do have some sort of download links in the description, but most of the time you may end up having to use a website or a browser plugin to download the sound effects. Check the video above for download instructions.

SoundEffectsFactory Channel | Gaming Sound FX Channel | Dank Sound Effects Channel


#2 YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library

We’re not quite done with YouTube yet, there’s still the YouTube Audio Library which I’ve mainly used for music, but they also have a section for free sound effects. I’m not sure exactly how many sound effects they have but it’s in the hundreds if not thousands. You can browse by category or use the search to find the sound effects you are looking for.

YouTube Audio Library Homepage


#3 SoundBible

SoundBible is a website that has thousands of free sound effects that you can download without having to sign up for an account or anything like that. Not all the sounds here can be used commercially, make sure to check if the sound effects you download have the correct license. For example sound effects with a Royalty Free License, Public Domain or Creative Commons Attribution license can be used quite freely in any videos, commercial or not. But there may be some sounds with other licenses which prohibit commercial use.

My only complaint about Soundbible is that its poorly organized, there are no proper categories for different types of sound effects, only tags. You can use the search function however and that works pretty well.

SoundBible Homepage


#4 FreeSound

FreeSound is another website with thousands of free sound effects, most of which are user created and uploaded. You have to register for an account to be able to download the sound effects, and also to upload your own. Please note that they have been having some server issues and the site may be a bit slow, however its also possible they have fixed the problems by the time this video is uploaded.

You can browse sound effects by tags, geotags or use the search function. FreeSound also has sound packs if you want to download a bunch of sound effects at the same time rather than downloading them individually.

FreeSound Homepage



Free SFX

And finally we have which is another website with a couple thousand free sound effects. You do have to register for an account to be able to download the sounds.

It has sound effects listed by category, which makes browsing a bit easier, and it also has a search function. Homepage


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