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Top 5 Best Free Text-To-Speech Websites (2018)

Today we’re going to take a look at the best text-to-speech websites online that you can use for free. With text-to-speech you can turn articles into mini podcasts, produce audio speech for your videos or other projects, and much more.

The video above contains instructions on how to use these free TTS websites.


#1 Natural Readers is another very good free TTS website. It has many good quality voices in both male and female genders. You can also upload entire text documents to be read. It even has an OCR feature, so it can attempt to read text from images like JPG or PNG files.

However, as with many of the other free TTS websites, you can’t save your recording as an audio file. So you would have to record your desktop audio to save it. Also, NaturalReaders TTS seems to sometimes stop reading altogether. If that happens you may want to try switching to a different web browser. It might work better on Firefox or Chrome.

Natural Readers Online


#2 Oddcast

One of the best free text to speech websites is definitely Oddcast. It has a good balance of quality and quantity of its voices.

Oddcast supports many different languages and English accents. It also has both male and female voices. However, if you want to save your recording to your harddrive, you’ll have to record your desktop audio, because there’s no download option.

Please note that not all of the voices work perfectly. Be sure to try a few of them, if the first one you try doesn’t work.

Oddcast Demo


#3 IBM Watson TTS

Another good free online TTS website is the IBM Watson text-to-speech demo. It supports multiple languages, but as with Google Translate, for English it only has female voices. However the voice quality is excellent, and you can both preview the recording and download it as an MP3 file.

With IBM Watson text to speech you can also change the tonality and expression of the voice, which is not possible on any other free TTS website.

IBM Watson TTS Demo


#4 Google Translate

Next on the list is Google Translate. It can read text in many different languages, and the text to speech voice quality is good. However, Google Translate only has female voices and to save the speech, you have to record your desktop audio and save it that way.

One fun feature of Google Translate is that you can actually read English text in many different accents. Try it out, just type something in English and use another language to read it. Doesn’t work perfectly all the time, but it’s pretty funny.

Google Translate


#5 From Text To Speech

In fifth place we have The voice quality of most of their voices is acceptable, and they do support multiple languages and have both male and female voices.

You can both download the TTS result as an audio file, and preview it on the website. If you want to listen to the audio on the website, you have to have Adobe Flash installed and enabled.


Cyberghost VPN