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Top 3 Best Free Video Converters (2018)

A lot of free video converters these days are infested with malware and bundled software. Additionally many of them have all kinds of ridiculous restrictions. So I made a list of a few good, clean and free video converters for you guys.

# Name Main Output Batch Processing 4K Support Rating
1 HandBrake MP4 Yes Yes 9/10
2 VLC Media Player MP4 Yes Yes 8.5/10
3 Windows Movie Maker MP4 No No 8/10


#1 HandBrake

HandBrake Best Free Video Converter

Handbrake is a free open source video converter. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. I’d say it’s the most feature rich and overall best free video converter.

With Handbrake you can convert almost any video into a MP4 file, which should be supported in most video editing programs. You can add subtitles, chapters and batch scan multiple videos at the same time. Handbrake is also able to queue several videos for conversion, which saves a lot of time since you don’t have to convert each video individually. You can just queue up like 10 videos and leave your computer converting while you’re out doing other stuff.

Handbrake has many different presets for various qualities and resolutions. Although they’re a bit light on 4K presets, but the program does still support 4K videos.

You can also manually adjust a lot of things, like resolutions, cropping, frame rates, video and audio quality, and many more variables. Handbrake can also apply a few filters like denoising, deinterlacing and grayscale filters. Additionally it can flip or rotate the video footage as well.

The program is also free from adware, watermarks and other restrictions.

HandBrake Homepage | Download HandBrake


#2 VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

If Handbrake isn’t working out for you, then next we have VLC. VLC is actually a fairly common free open source media player which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and I think there’s even some VLC apps for Android and iOS.

But it also has a feature not many people know about, and that’s a free video converter. Because of its extensive codec support it can convert most video formats, and also supports 4K resolutions.

VLC has a wide range of output formats available as well. Including MP4, MKV and WMV files. You can also change resolutions, frame rates, audio codecs and bitrates. You can add subtitles and adjust a few other variables as well. It also has support for a number of filters.

VLC has no adware, no watermarks or other usage restrictions, and it’s a fairly solid meda player as well.

VLC Media Player Homepage | Download VLC Media Player


#3 Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a simple video editor by Microsoft. Support for Movie Maker expired in January 2017, so you can’t get it directly from the Microsoft website anymore. Also it’s probably going to eventually fall behind due to Microsoft no longer keeping it up to date.

But for the time being it still works really great as a simple video editor and free video converter due to its extensive codec and format support for importing files. Yes, there are still ways to download it.

Output formats include MP4 and WMV files. You can choose from a number of preset settings or define your own resolution, frame rate, audio quality and adjust a few other variables. It’s more limited than some of the other video converters, but it is very reliable for the time being. However 4K resolutions are not supported.

Windows Movie Maker is also free from watermarks, adware or other usage restrictions.

Download Windows Movie Maker