Best Free VPN Services 2016-2017

VPN services can be used for multiple purposes like enhancing your privacy, circumventing geoblocking, bypassing firewalls and censorship and much more. Find out more about what VPN services can provide by checking out my VPN Beginner’s Guide.

This list is an update to my Best Free VPN Services 2016 list from earlier this year. A bunch of services on that list are no longer free so I thought it would be a good time to make a new and more extended list.

In this one I will be briefly reviewing the top 10 best free VPN services I’ve been able to find. Enjoy!

# Name Company Country Bandwidth Speed Servers Privacy
1 CyberGhost Cyberghost SRL Romania Unlimited Great 240+ servers Great
2 ibVPN Ampulsnet SRL Romania Unlimited Great 14 servers Great
3 Betternet Betternet Technologies Inc Canada Unlimited Good All of them Good
4 VPNBook Vannet Technology Co Canada Unlimited Good 6 servers Average
5 VPN Gate University of Tsukuba Japan Unlimited Variable Over 9000 Great
6 ProXPN ProXPN BV Netherlands Unlimited Poor to Average 1 location Good
7 Windscribe Windscribe Limited Canada 2-10GB/month Great 9 locations Great
8 Hide.Me eVenture Ltd Canada 2GB/month Good 3 locations Great
9 ZPN Vostok Soft FZC United Arab Emirates 10GB/month Good 5 locations Good
10 SecurityKISS SecurityKISS Ltd Ireland 300MB/day Good 4 locations Average


#1 CyberGhost


CyberGhost is another VPN service based in Romania which provides both a free and paid VPN service. The free service has unlimited bandwidth in terms of data transfer and the connection speeds are quite fast as well. They have around 240 free servers from many different country locations. CyberGhost also does not log your traffic or browsing activities and you don’t even need to sign up for an account to use the free VPN servers. You can use Cyberghost on Windows, Mac and Android devices.

The paid service offers a total of 600 servers in 30 countries and 5 times faster connection speeds compared to the free service and costs only $5.83 per month if billed annually.

Simply put, CyberGhost is still the best free VPN service.

Homepage | Signup for CyberGhost


#2 ibVPN


ibVPN is a Romanian VPN service operated by a company called Ampulsnet SRL. They offer a monetarily free VPN service with unlimited bandwidth that you can pay with one tweet or Facebook share per year. There are some restrictions on the free service, paid customers get priority on connection speeds, there are 14 free servers in a number of different countries and VPN protocols are limited to PPTP.

Their premium paid service is also fairly affordable at $4.84 per month if paid annually, which includes access to over 100 servers, smartDNS and full protocol support.

Overall it’s a fairly good free VPN service, although one improvement they could make is include the OpenVPN protocol for their free service.

Homepage | Signup for ibVPN


#3 Betternet


Betternet is a Canadian free VPN service that has unlimited bandwidth and decent connection speeds, which remains free by offering free sponsored apps and sponsored videos. They do not collect, log, store or share any identifiable personal information of their users, but they do collect some data such as how much data is transfered, when users connect and so on. To use Betternet you don’t need to make an account, you just download the app which can be used on Windows, iOS and Android devices.

Personally I was unable to connect with the latest Betternet Windows program on Windows 7, so I had to download an older version to make it work. This version only seemed to offer servers in the UK and the US, and I am unsure about the server locations with the latest app. I selected for the app to connect me to the fastest server and it ended up connecting me to a US server even though I am in Europe, which was fairly slow although not to the point where it would be unusable.

Betternet also has a upcoming premium service called Betterspot which actually includes a wireless router type device.

Homepage | Signup for Betternet | Old Client Download


#4 VPNBook


VPNBook is a free VPN service which is possibly operated by a Canadian company called Vannet Technology Co, although I am unable to completely verify that. VPNBook has 6 free servers which support both PPTP and OpenVPN protocols, some located in North America and others in Europe.

Users don’t need to sign up to use the free servers and they do have unlimited bandwidth but VPNBook does not have a custom VPN client, so you have to use the third party VPN clients. Connection speeds for the free servers are OK but seem to be throttled. Passwords for the VPNBook servers change periodically, and you have to check their website for the latest passwords.

In their privacy policy they say that they don’t collect personal information or user internet data, but they do log your original IP address and the times when users connect to their servers in order to deal with users who might abuse the free service. Connection logs are however automatically deleted every week.

Overall it’s not a bad free VPN service.

Homepage | Signup for VPNBook


#5 VPN Gate

VPN Gate

VPN Gate is a project operated by the University of Tsukuba in Japan. It’s a VPN service that in many ways resembles the Tor network. Currently there’s around 10000 public VPN relay servers in the VPN Gate network which is run by volunteers around the world, but most of them seem to be in Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Vietnam, but there are also servers in North America and Europe.

Bandwidth is practically unlimited but connection speeds are variable depending on the server, its location and the amount of users who are using it. VPN Gate does not support PPTP which is the least secure VPN protocol, it’s mostly focused around SoftEther VPN, OpenVPN and SSTP.

VPN Gate is a good service, particularly if you are located in Asia.

Homepage | Signup for VPN Gate


#6 ProXPN


ProXPN is a VPN service based in the Netherlands which provides a free account option with unlimited bandwith. The free service has its limitations though, such as only one server location in the US and the connection speed is throttled down to 300kbps, which is good enough for reading your emails, reading the news or instant messaging, but too slow for watching videos and online gaming could be problematic depending on the game. However I did get over 6Mbit speeds on so maybe they have removed that limit. As for VPN protocols the free service only supports OpenVPN.

Their privacy policy is OK, they say they don’t keep logs of connection times, activity or IP origins, but the fact that their free server is in the US makes me question to what extent that is true.

ProXPN also provides a paid account option for $6.25 per month with servers in 18 locations.

Although the connection speed is heavily throttled for the free service, the unlimited bandwidth still makes ProXPN usable.

Homepage | Signup for ProXPN


#7 Windscribe


Windscribe is a VPN service operated by Windscribe Limited, which is based in Canada. Windscribe normally offers 2GB of data for its free VPN service but currently it has a 10GB per month offer. The free account also enables access to 9 server locations.

In its privacy policy Windscribe says that they collect as little data as possible, for example when signing up they don’t even require a email address, only a username and password to make an account. They don’t log traffic or monitor browsing activities but they do log your total bandwidth consumed in a 1 month period but not historical usage, nor do they maintain connection logs or timestamps.

Windscribe Pro, their paid version, costs $7.5 per month if paid annually, and includes access to over 25 locations and unlimited devices, although account sharing is prohibited.

Overall Windscribe offers a fairly good free VPN service.

Homepage | Signup for Windscribe


#8 Hide.Me


Hide.Me is a VPN service based in Malaysia and operated by a company called eVenture Ltd. Hide.Me has both free and paid account options, the free service includes 2GB of monthly bandwidth and 3 server locations. They have a fairly solid privacy policy and considering Malaysia will not be part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP agreement, it seems like a safe country to operate a VPN service in for the time being, in regards to the privacy of international users.

Hide.Me has fairly good connection speeds and supports PPTP, SSTP and L2TP VPN protocols, but unfortunately not OpenVPN. They have their own custom VPN client.

The premium paid option for Hide.Me costs $11.67 per month for unlimited bandwidth, high connection speeds, full protocol support and 29 VPN locations.

Hide.Me is a usable free VPN service.

Homepage | Signup for Hide.Me

#9 ZPN


ZPN is a VPN service based in the United Arab Emirates where it is operated by a company called Vostok Soft FZC. Their free service has 10GB of monthly bandwidth and free servers in 5 locations. Their logging and privacy policy is fairly good even though they are located in the UAE which is not known for its strong respect for privacy. However their servers are located in other countries and while the UAE might not hesitate to violate the privacy of its own citizens I still question the capability of foreign entities to pressure the UAE into forcing Vostok Soft to give up information on its users.

ZPN has a premium service available for $5.99 per month which includes unlimited data transfer, high connection speeds and over 20 server locations.

While their privacy is questionable they do still provide a decent free VPN service for many purposes.

Homepage | Signup for ZPN


#10 SecurityKISS


SecurityKISS is a VPN based in Ireland and provides both free and paid VPN services. The free service allows users to consume 300MB of bandwidth per day, so around 9GB per month, and access servers in 4 different locations. They support OpenVPN and L2TP protocols for both the free and paid services.

Due to domestic and European Union laws they have to log certain information, such as the time and duration of VPN connections, bandwidth usage and user IP addresses, for a period of 10 days. However they don’t monitor browsing activity or log traffic.

Their unlimited plan costs €7.49 per month if billed annually which includes unlimited bandwidth, fast connection speeds and access to over 60 servers.

Overall SecurityKISS has a decent free VPN service

Homepage | Signup for SecurityKISS


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