Best Free VPN Services 2016

You can use a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, to get around websites that restrict content based on location (also called geoblocking), protect your privacy and online security, circumvent government internet censorship and much more.
In the video above I will review 5 of the best free VPN services I’ve found so far, but if you read the article you will find another 5 decent free VPN services listed.

Additionally, I want to mention the TOR Project. It’s not a VPN service, as it does not offer system wide protection. It’s more like a proxy service that only protects specific applications that are configured to use TOR, such as the TOR Browser. But regardless, it’s a very useful tool to have if you need it. Check out the video above and the TOR website for more information.

# Name Privacy Country Selection Connection Speed Bandwidth Rating
1 CyberGhost Excellent Excellent Excellent Unlimited 9/10
2 VPN Gate Very Good Good Below Average Unlimited 7/10
3 SurfEasy Average Very Good Good 975MB 8/10
4 TunnelBear Average Very Good Good 500MB+ 7/10
5 VyprVPN Below Average Good Good 500MB 6.5/10


#1 CyberGhost


CyberGhost VPN is based in Bucharest, Romania and offers the best free VPN service available as of August 2015. You do need to use the CyberGhost VPN client to connect to their free service, but registration is not required and CyberGhost does not keep logs, so your privacy is fairly secure.

You can choose from over 80 free servers located in 16 countries, most of which are in Europe. There are no bandwidth restrictions and the connection speeds are the highest I’ve seen among free VPN services.

Now here’s the downsides, when you open the VPN client you sometimes have to watch 17 seconds of advertisements. Every two hours of using the service an ad will pop-up, and CyberGhost will disconnect you from the service after three hours of continuous usage, but you can reconnect immediately afterwards.

Android and iOS mobile devices are supported.

Homepage | Signup for CyberGhost


#2 VPN Gate

VPN Gate

VPN Gate is a research project by the University of Tsukuba, Japan. If TOR was a VPN service, it might look a bit like VPN Gate. VPN Gate is completely free and doesn’t require user registration.

VPN Gate operates a network of public relay servers which route your traffic through an encrypted connection to help protect your privacy, much like TOR does. The servers are operated by volunteers and many of them seem to be in Asia.

There are no bandwidth restrictions but the connection speed is variable, sometimes it can be good while other times it can be terrible. It depends on what relay server you are connected to and how many people are using it.

VPN Gate has a lot of potential to become something great. To do this, it definitely needs more volunteers to put up relay servers in the US and Europe.

Homepage | Signup for VPN Gate


#3 SurfEasy


SurfEasy is based in Canada, the VPN service was acquired by Norwegian software company Opera Software, known mainly for their Opera web browser.

SurfEasy does require you to make an account and use their VPN software, but I was able to make a test account with a disposable email address.

Bandwidth starts out at 500MB per month, which can be upgraded through the SurfEasy reward system, such as by inviting your friends to use the service. Country selection and connection speed are both very good.

Android and iOS mobile devices are supported.


Homepage | Signup for SurfEasy


#4 TunnelBear


TunnelBear is a Canadian VPN service that offers a free VPN option called “Little Bear”. With the free service you get 500MB data per month and you can add 1GB to that by promoting TunnelBear on Twitter.

TunnelBear has a good selection of countries and the connection speed of the free service was fairly good.

You do have to use the TunnelBear VPN software to connect to the service and you are also required to make an account, but I was successful in using a disposable email address for my test account.

Homepage | Signup for TunnelBear


#5 VyprVPN


VyprVPN is a VPN service provided by Golden Frog, a online services company that has been around since 1994. They have their legal office in Switzerland but most of their employees are located in Austin, Texas in the United States.

Golden Frog requires you to download and use their VPN software, and to create an account, to use the free service. I was not able to use a disposable email to make my test account. For most people that’s OK but if you require extra privacy or want to try out the service without using your real email or having to make a secondary account on an actual email service, it may be an issue.

VyprVPN has a free VPN service option with 500MB data per month, but no options to increase the free data, which I found disappointing. However you do get 5GB data storage space on the Golden Frog cloud storage service called Dump Truck.

VyprVPN has a great selection of servers in different countries to choose from and their connection speed was good as well.


Homepage | Signup for VyprVPN



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