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Top 5 Best Free Website Builders (2018)

Here’s a brief review of the best free website builders with free web hosting for 2016.

In the video above and this article I will check out five different services and determine which one is the best free website builder. All of these are browser based so you should be able to manage them on most operating systems.

Most of these have an array of free templates and also come equipped with add-ons and tools to further improve your website. These features include polls, blogs, photo albums, contact forms and so on.

# Name Storage Bandwidth Statistics Templates Add-Ons
1 Weebly 500MB Unlimited Basic + Analytics Yes Yes
2 Jimdo 500MB Unlimited No Yes No
3 3GB Unlimited Basic Yes No
4 Wix 500MB 500MB/mo No Yes Yes
5 Emyspot 250MB Unlimited Basic Yes Yes


#1 Weebly

Weebly Best Free Website Builder

Weebly is an American web hosting company started by a bunch of college students in Pennsylvania back in 2006. Now Weebly hosts over 20 million websites. Their free website builder is definitely one of the best and the website builder is great as well. With the free service you get 500MB storage space and unlimited bandwidth.

The builder is a drag-and-drop builder that is really easy to use and has an array of templates that you can choose from and modify. Weebly even allows free users to modify the HTML and CSS code on their websites. Website add-ons include things such as polls, contact forms, blogs, embed codes, maps, photo galleries, slideshows and more.

Weebly does not have third party ads, they only have a small non-intrusive Weebly branded ad at the footer of free websites that usually fits well with the website. One downside with Weebly is that free websites are blocked from major search engines.

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#2 Jimdo


Jimdo is a web hosting service from Germany that has a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website builder. The free service offers 500MB space and unlimited bandwidth, but you need a paid account to use most of the add-ons and features, such as blogs or statistics. The builder itself is very easy to use and Jimdo does offer plenty of free templates that you can modify to some degree, for example you can change the color theme and move around different parts of the template.

Jimdo does not have third party ads, it only has one small Jimdo branded ad at the footer of all free websites.

If you’re looking just to make a good-looking simple website, Jimdo is definitely a decent option.

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WordPress is a free and open-source content management system that was made by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little as a fork of b2 cafelog. With WordPress you basically have two choices. You can either make a free account on and create a website or blog there, or you can download the WordPress CMS system and install it on your own server. Obviously the second option is not always free, so I am going to review the first option. However the second option is better than a account, if you have a decent server handy.

WordPress is best suited for blogs and news websites but can also be used as a more traditional website builder. The free account on has its limitations, but you get 3GB of storage space, unlimited bandwidth, you can choose between a good number of templates and make slight modifications to them such as changing color themes or header images. You can also modify the website sidebar with a number of widgets, but other plugins are not enabled for free accounts. Basic insights on visitor statistics are also available on the dashboard. does not have ads, but also does not allow advertisements such as Google AdSense.

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#4 Wix


Wix is a web hosting company based in Israel. With a free account you get 500MB of storage space and 500MB monthly bandwidth. The storage is OK but the bandwidth is quite low, but hosting videos and high resolution images on third party websites like YouTube and Flickr will help.

The website builder itself is a drag-and-drop builder, so it’s not difficult to use. Wix does have a number of add-ons like photo galleries, contact forms, mailing lists, audio and video embeds and an app market where you can get more free and commercial add-ons.

Wix does not have third party ads, but they do have Wix branded ads that encourage visitors to make free websites on Wix.

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#5 Emyspot


Emyspot is a French web hosting service with a website builder. Their free service offers 250MB storage space and unlimited bandwidth. The builder itself is fairly easy to use although a bit limited. There are plenty of templates and the builder allows for CSS editing. Add-ons include polls, contact forms, blogs, photo galleries and even restaurant menus.

One downside with Emyspot is that they will begin to monetize all free sites after 15 days.

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