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Top 5 Best No Copyright Free Music Resources (2018)

I almost always like to use some ambient background music for my YouTube videos. So I’ve done a fair amount of research as to where I can find the best free music for my videos.

In this review I will go through a number of sources where you can find copyright free music. The tracks are usually licensed as public domain and/or creative commons, which you can use in your YouTube videos and Twitch streams. Most of the time it’s even possible with monetization, without getting into trouble for copyright issues.




The amazing thing about Jukedeck is that they use artificial intelligence to create their music, and the results are most of the time very good. You can even make your own AI-assisted semi-custom music on the website, where you can adjust the duration and tempo of the tracks that are listed on the Jukedeck website.

Their AI has already created tens of thousands of tracks, and is continually making more music. It has its limits but, its still one of the best sources for free music that you can use on your video and online media content without having to deal with complicated and expensive licensing.

They do however have a few licensing options. You can use their music for free, but then you need to credit them in your video or video description, but you can also pay them $0.99 and then you’ll be able to use their music without credit. Then there’s also an option for buying the rights to a custom track that you’ve made for around $20.

Check out the video review above for more information about Jukedeck and also instructions on how to use it.

Jukedeck Homepage


YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library Best No Copyright Free Music Resource

The YouTube Audio Library was launched in 2013 with 150 free music tracks that anyone could use on their YouTube videos. Recently it was updated with over 1000 additional free songs. Some of the music is public domain and does not require attribution. Other tracks are licensed with creative commons and do require attribution but are otherwise entirely free to use.

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YouTube Music Artists

YouTube Channels

There’s an growing number of music artists and labels who allow their tracks to be used on monetized YouTube videos and Twitch streams for free. Many of these artists are also YouTubers and have their own channels. Here’s a list of a few good ones that I’ve come across recently.

Type: Music Label
Genre: Electronic

Type: Music Channel
Genre: Electronic

The Enigma TNG
Type: Music Artist
Genre: Dark Electronic, Various

Ross Budgen
Type: Music Artist
Genre: Cinematic, Movie Trailer

John Boberg
Type: Music Artist
Genre: Cinematic, Movie Trailer

There are of course many more, you just have to search around a bit to find them. Before using their music however, make sure that you can use their tracks and what the terms of use are. Not all of their tracks are free to use and some artists may change their policies. You will usually find their music usage conditions in the video description of the music video and/or on their YouTube channel about page. If you can’t find clear conditions, try sending them a message.


Kevin McLeod

Incompetech Kevin McLeod

Kevin McLeod is the patron saint of free music for YouTubers. He has created a big library with hundreds of tracks composed by himself that YouTubers can use in their videos for free. Most of his music is licensed with a creative commons attribution license and can be used provided you credit him in the video description. You can find his stuff on his website

Kevin also curates a website called that hosts a lot of public domain music that can also be used for free.

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Soundcloud also has a bunch of music licensed with creative commons. You can go to, then select “Tracks”, under “Filter Results” click on “To listen to” and select “To use commercially”. Then start searching for music. Rameses B is one really good artist on Soundcloud that has a bunch of free music.

When you find music licensed with creative commons on Soundcloud, make sure that the person who uploaded the music is an official account of the artist who made the track. Be careful when using remixes, especially of popular songs. They may still get flagged by YouTube if they’re not different enough from the original.

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