Best VPN for Torrenting 2016-2017

For more information about VPN services and what they can be used for, please check out my VPN Beginner’s Guide.

In this article and video we’re going to be looking at the best VPN services for torrenting and P2P filesharing. Some of the services I’ll be listing have free trials or some sort of free accounts as well so you can try most of them out before subscribing.

And of course I have to add that I can’t recommend using these or any other VPN services for any illegal activities, including illegal filesharing.

# Name Country Bandwidth Speed Locations Torrent Servers Privacy Price Bitcoin
1 ibVPN Romania Unlimited Great 43 14 Great $3.09/mo Yes
2 ExpressVPN British Virgin Islands Unlimited Great 87 1000+ Good $8.32/mo Yes
3 iPredator Cyprus/Sweden Unlimited Great 1 70 Excellent $8.00/mo Yes
4 Hide.Me Malaysia Unlimited Great 23 21 Great $11.67/mo Yes


#1 ibVPN


ibVPN is a VPN service based in Romania run by a company called Ampulsnet SRL. Romania has not signed the EU Data Retention Directive yet which allows them more flexibility in what data their internet service providers need to store about their customers and for how long. IbVPN’s privacy policy says they don’t log the use of their VPN service and that they can’t relate any specific activities to specific users. They also only require a valid email address from their customers in order to subscribe to their service, other personal information is optional. This limits their legal liability even if they are forced by a court decision to hand over information about their customers.

ibVPN has a number of subscription options, including a free account that you can pay for with one tweet or Facebook share per year. As for those of you who want to use it for torrenting, there are basically two options. The first one being the Ultimate VPN account, which is their premium option that costs $4.84/month if billed annually, this includes unlimited bandwidth, high connection speeds, access to all of their 100+ servers in 43 countries, including the 14 servers which allow torrenting, and then also smartDNS, which allows you to use services like Netflix from outside your country without an encrypted connection which may otherwise slow down your connection speed. The second option is a bittorrent focused subscription that allows access only to the 14 torrent-enabled servers and does not include SmartDNS, which costs $3.08/month with a 12 month billing cycle.

ibVPN also supports most VPN protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP and so on. For payment, they support PayPal, Bitcoin, OKPay, Payza and Paymentwall which in turn supports a number of other payment services like WebMoney, Sofort and Alipay. Their customer service is fairly good and responsive, you can contact them through a support ticket, live chat and email.

I also tested out a number of their servers with the 6 hour free trial and my connection speed was fairly good but OpenVPN was a bit slower than usual.

Homepage | Signup for ibVPN


#2 ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is probably the largest VPN service in this review. It is based in the British Virgin Islands, or BVI for short, which is an internally self-governing overseas territory of the United Kingdom. Basically what this means is that BVI is technically a part of the UK, but it makes its own internal laws and that said it’s also a popular offshore tax haven which provides BVI companies with an additional layer of privacy and limits their legal liability.

Their privacy policy states that they do not collect or log traffic data and browsing activity from individual users connected to their VPN service, but they do collect some data such as dates when users connect to the service, what server they choose and how much data is transferred, allegedly to improve the quality of their service. Also, when registering on ExpressVPN, you are asked to provide some personal information such as your billing address, email address and payment information.

ExpressVPN has over 1000 servers in 136 cities and 87 countries, all of which should have torrenting enabled. On their website they don’t really mention anything regarding peer-to-peer filesharing or bittorrent specifically, but their customer service said that they do allow filesharing protocols to be used on all of their servers. They mainly support PPTP and OpenVPN protocols but also have servers with L2TP and SSTP enabled.

ExpressVPN has only one account option with unlimited bandwidth and access to all their servers which can be billed in different cycles, the 12 month cycle being the cheapest at $8.32/month. They don’t have a free trial option or any other free account, which is a minus in my opinion as I do prefer to try out stuff before I commit to buying. That said, they do have a 30-day money back guarantee and their customer service is very good, you can contact them through a Contact form, Email or Live chat and so far the response time for my inquiries has been within 24 hours. Payment options include Bitcoin, credit cards, Paypal and Paymentwall.

I was able to get a temporary account for review purposes, so that I could test the connection speed and other aspects of the service. My connection speed with ExpressVPN using OpenVPN was fairly good in comparison with other services.

Homepage | Signup for ExpressVPN


#3 iPredator


IPredator is a VPN service based in Sweden but incorporated in Cyprus as PrivActually Ltd. I cannot fully confirm it, but it is believed that some of the founders of The Pirate Bay website are behind the IPredator VPN service. IPredator was started in 2009 as a response to IPRED in Sweden, which is a system that allows copyright holders and law enforcement to request personal information about copyright infringement suspects.

According to their legal page, because IPredator is essentially a Swedish broadband prepaid flatrate service offered over the internet they enjoy the strongest possible legal protection under Swedish law as per the Electronic Communications Act 2003 389. Swedish authorities can only request subscription information from IPredator if they can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there has been a serious criminal offense conducted in connection with their service, such as a murder or serious fraud, and that the convicted user will likely be imprisoned, a simple fine is not enough.

Even then, they can only provide information that users have provided them with when they sign up for an account, and considering they minimize what they log, that would not be much. Also they will never give up any user information to non-Swedish authorities in any circumstance. So they have a pretty solid privacy policy, probably one of the best out there.

There are some drawbacks however, one being that they only have servers in Sweden although they do have around 70 of them and a lot of IP addresses. The second drawback is that their customer service is a bit slow, it took them around 4 days to answer my email but they also have a IRC chat server where the reponse was a bit faster because one of the admins happened to be present when I was there, but that may not always be the case. The third drawback is that they don’t have their own VPN client, you have to setup your own connection through either the generic OpenVPN client or PPTP through your operating system. Overall I’d say it is not very user-friendly and not the best choice for beginners.

As they are a prepaid flatrate service they only have one subscription option which is €6 or $8/month, which has unlimited bandwidth and supports OpenVPN and PPTP protocols.

IPredator is probably one of the best VPN services when it comes to privacy, but if you need it to circumvent geoblocking and stuff like that, then you’re better off with some other service.

Homepage | Signup for iPredator


#4 Hide.Me

Hide.Me is a VPN service founded by a company called eVenture Ltd, which is based in Malaysia. has three subscription options, one of them is a free account with 2GB monthly bandwidth and other restrictions, the cheaper one is $5.42 per month and has a 75GB monthly bandwidth limit and the premium account has unlimited bandwidth for $11.67 per month, which is probably what you want to go for if you’re going to use for torrenting.

The privacy policy for is quite good. The minimum amount of information they require from their clients is an email address, they do not request or store your name, billing address, phone number or any other personal information. Payments are however processed by other third party companies such as Paymentwall or PayPal. Bitcoin is also available as a payment option.

As for logging, does log some information temporarily for troubleshooting purposes but this is deleted within hours to limit their legal liability. They do however log your total bandwidth consumption so that they can properly bill you. Web browsing is not logged or monitored. also mentions that if the legal situation changes in Malaysia, whereby they are forced to store more data on their customers, they will either shut down their service or relocate to another country with better legislation.

Other than that, supports all the basic VPN protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP and L2TP using IPSEC. They have a total of 29 servers in 23 countries and 21 of those servers have torrenting enabled. Their customer support is quite good, you can contact them through a support ticket system, live chat or community forum where the developers are active. I also signed up for a free account to try out their connection speed on, which ended up being fairly good for my 6Mbit connection.

Homepage | Signup for Hide.Me



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