Buffered VPN for Netflix Review 2016-2017

Buffered VPN was founded back in 2013, the company seems to be incorporated in Gibraltar but is based in Budapest, Hungary. Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory, but they mostly govern themselves in regards to internal matters. Gibraltar is a popular European offshore financial center, which offers companies reduced taxation but also additional layers of privacy and less legal liability, which is a bonus for a VPN company.


Buffered VPN has unlimited data for hundreds of servers in 36 countries and one of their special focuses seems to be to provide reliable access to Netflix, especially the American video library which is the largest one available. I have personally tested this out so I can confirm that it does indeed work.

One downside with Buffered VPN is that their VPN client seems to only support OpenVPN, which makes it a bit less ideal for gaming because of the stronger encryption that will eat up a bit more of your CPU and might cause your latency to go up. But it should still be usable for gaming.

Also Buffered VPN does not have any free trials or other free account options, but they do have a 30-day moneyback guarantee. Their customer service is decent, but not the best, it took me multiple emails to get a proper answer to some of my questions and they do not have a live chat option.


Performance wise Buffered VPN is fairly good, I was able to max out my own connection speed on all of their servers, even with the ones in the US. Latency was as I expected with OpenVPN, on the US servers it was a bit over 140ms and on the UK servers it was slightly over 40ms, which is pretty average from my experience.

Security & Privacy

Buffered VPN stores your registration data, amount of data transfered when you connect to the VPN service and the duration of the connection, this data is deleted 30 days after the last use of their services. They do not however store private information about individual user activities on their network, such as emails, chats, website visits and so on.

Encryption wise they only support OpenVPN, although you can switch between TCP and UDP. I tested for DNS leaks, and their client does not leak DNS information.

Cost & Payment

They only have one plan which can be paid either monthly, twice a year or annually. The cheapest option is an annual payment of $99, or $8.25 per month. Payment options include credit cards and Paypal, there is no Bitcoin payment option which is a minus in my book.

Quick Summary


VPN Protocols Country Locations Speed Latency Security Privacy Rating
OpenVPN UDP & TCP US, UK & 34 more countries Great Good Great Good 8/10

Netflix login & video playback successful. Last tested October 2016.

Homepage: www.buffered.com

Cheapest Plan: $99/year


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