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How To Change Your IP Address

Today I’m going to show you 3 methods how to change your IP address. This is your external IP address that we’re going to be changing, the one you connect to the internet with. So if you got banned from a gaming server or some website or online service is blocking your specific IP, then this video could be helpful.

Although I would like to say that you shouldn’t abuse these tips for anything malicious. If someone wants you banned for a legitimate reason, then you should respect that.


Method 1: Restart Router

Restart Broadband Router

The first method how to change your IP, is to simply restart your router. Many internet service providers will nowadays bundle several clients under one IP address. This is called IP masquerading.

It’s more common with mobile internet connections. So if you have a 4G router like me, then restarting it might shift your connection to another bundled IP address.

Here I will show you part of my IP address. After restarting my router, it will change when I refresh the page.

Restart Router

But it may not work for everyone, so let’s take a look at another method.


Method 2: MAC Address

Change MAC Address

The second method is to change the media access control address, or MAC address of your internet router.

Every network interface has a unique MAC address, that includes your router, as well as the WiFi and ethernet hardware on your computer or mobile device.

If you change the MAC address on your broadband router for example, it will seem like a new computer or device is connecting to the internet and your ISP will assign it a new IP address.

Changing the MAC address is unfortunately not possible with EVERY broadband router model.

But if it is possible, then you should find it through the web interface of your router. It is usually found in the Advanced Settings somewhere under the label ‘MAC Address Clone’ or ‘MAC Clone’. You can use an online tool called MAC Address Generator to create valid MAC addresses.

MAC Address Clone

You can also change the MAC address of your Windows PC with the Technitium MAC Address Changer. This might work in some cases, especially if you have a cable or DSL modem card physically installed in your computer.


Method 3: VPN Services

Not Available In Your Country

If the previous methods did not work for you, here’s a third one. Sometimes it may be that it’s not your IP alone that’s blocked or banned. It can be an entire IP range or even a whole country that’s restricted from using a website or service. In that case, you have to use a virtual private network or VPN service, to bypass this block.

For example NordVPN is a good option that I’m recommending right now. But if you can’t afford a VPN at the moment, then I have made an article about free VPN services as well. Check it out here.

Using a VPN is really simple. You just sign up for an account, download and install the VPN client software. Then login and connect to one of hundreds or thousands of VPN servers. Your IP address will be changed when you surf the internet or play online games.


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