Free VPN MEGA List 24+ Services 2016-2017

Want to unblock websites or improve your privacy while surfing the internet, but don’t have the money to do it right now? Well here is a fairly comprehensive list of the 25 best free VPN services that I’ve been able to find.

This listing includes VPN services with free account options that have unlimited and limited bandwidth, but also a few with free trial accounts that do not require a credit card to sign up.

For anonymous web browsing I also recommend the Tor Browser and to some extent Hola. These are not VPN services, they only route your browsing activities through secure server nodes or other computers, but not your entire connection as a VPN service would.


#1 CyberGhost


CyberGhost is one of the biggest VPN services in the world and it is based in Romania. Their free service requires no registration and has unlimited data and no caps on connection speed, but you do have to queue for access to one of the 252 free servers in 14 countries. You can choose which country to connect to, but not a specific server and the free service is ad supported. Torrenting is disabled.

CyberGhost Homepage


#2 ibVPN


ibVPN is a Romanian VPN service with a free account option that has unlimited data however the connection speed is not prioritized for the free service. To get access to the free service you do have to create an account with ibVPN and tweet or share their website on Facebook, which gives you 12 months of free access. You will have access to over 10 servers from 10 different countries, but torrenting and filesharing is disabled.

ibVPN Homepage


#3 Betternet


Betternet is a Canadian free VPN service that is supported by app suggestions and video ads. It is available as a mobile app or desktop application for Windows. Betternet does not have data or connection speed restrictions, and allows you to unblock websites and improves your privacy. If you are using Windows 7 or earlier versions, you may have to use an older version of Betternet to be able to connect to the service.

Betternet Homepage


#4 VPNBook


VPNBook is a VPN service based in Canada. They have a small number of free VPN servers in North America and Europe listed on their website. You can access them through PPTP or OpenVPN protocols. The usernames and passwords are found on their website and they change periodically. There are no data or connection speed restrictions, but some of the servers do block filesharing.

VPNBook Homepage


#5 VPN Gate


VPN Gate is a research project by the University of Tsukuba in Japan. It’s basically a system of globally distributed public VPN relay servers. Most of the servers are based in Asian countries or the United States, but there are servers avalable on pretty much every continent. Because these are public servers and many of them based in Asia, from here in Europe where I live, my connection speeds have been fairly low. But it is entirely free and there are no data transfer limits either.

VPN Gate Homepage


#6 ProXPN


ProXPN is a VPN service based in the Netherlands. They have a free account option which includes unlimited data transfer, but the connection speed itself is limited and free users can only connect to servers in one location, the United States. Torrenting is not possible.

ProXPN Homepage


#7 Windscribe


Windscribe is a Canadian VPN service which offers free VPN accounts with 10GB of monthly bandwidth and free users are able to connect to servers in 8 different countries. Connection speeds are not throttled but torrenting is blocked.

Windscribe Homepage


#8 Hide.Me

hideme_post_logo is a VPN service based in Malaysia which offers a limited free account option with 2GB of monthly bandwidth and access to servers in 3 locations. Connection speeds are best effort, they are not prioritized for free users. Filesharing is not possible.

Hide.Me Homepage


#9 ZPN


ZPN is based in a Free Trade Zone in the United Arab Emirates. They have free accounts available with 10GB of monthly data transfer and free users can connect to servers in 5 locations. Filesharing and torrenting is restricted.

ZPN Homepage


#10 SecurityKISS


SecurityKISS is an Irish VPN service which allows users to try out the service with a free account that has a 300MB per day data transfer cap and server access is limited to 4 locations. Torrenting is blocked on SecurityKISS.

SecurityKISS Homepage


#11 TunnelBear


TunnelBear is a VPN service based in Canada which offers a free account option with 500Mb per month in free bandwidth, and you can get extra bandwidth by promoting the service on Twitter. I’ve had some problems with the TunnelBear VPN client, it kept removing my Windows firewall rules, so I had to uninstall the software. Connection speeds with Tunnelbear are good but torrenting is restricted.

TunnelBear Homepage


#12 VyprVPN


VyprVPN is a VPN service by Golden Frog, which is an American company based in Austin, Texas but incorporated in Switzerland. They offer a free account with 500MB of monthly bandwidth and it has other limitations as well. Torrenting and filesharing is not allowed but connection speeds are fairly good.

VyprVPN Homepage


#13 Spotflux


Spotflux is a free ad-supported VPN service based in New York, in the United States. It has no bandwidth restrictions and connection speeds are fairly decent, but filesharing is blocked and country locations are limited.

Spotflux Homepage


#14 HotSpot Shield


HotSpotShield is a VPN service based in the United States. They offer a free but ad-supported service with unlimited bandwidth. The free service does also restrict access to websites such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer and blocks filesharing.

HotSpot Shield Homepage


#15 TorVPN


TorVPN is a UK based VPN provider that offers a limited free VPN service. Connection speeds are not throttled but bandwidth is capped at 2GB, free accounts expire after 7 days and free users can only connect to 1 server. Other restrictions such as blocking filesharing may also apply.

TorVPN Homepage


#16 WiFi Protector


Wifi Protector is a VPN service based in the Czech Republic which offers a free VPN service that has no bandwidth limits, but free accounts are restricted to 1 hour of usage per day and are limited to specific servers which have their connection speeds throttled.

WiFi Protector Homepage



logo_freevpnaccess offers a number of free PPTP VPN servers in North America and Europe. To use these servers you don’t even have to create an account, the connection and login information is publicly available on their website. That being said, the PPTP protocol is not secure and there is reason to believe these servers are monitored, so I would not do anything sensitive or anything that requires privacy and security through them. Homepage



logo_freevpnme is a VPN service that has only one free server with two protocols available, PPTP or OpenVPN. You can find the details publicly on their website, the password changes periodically. The server has no P2P or bandwidth restrictions, but considering there is only one server, it may be fairly slow depending on the usage. Also I do not consider this service safe for anything that would require privacy and security. Homepage


#19 VPNReactor


VPNReactor is an American VPN service which has a free VPN account option with limited PPTP VPN access. Bandwidth and connection speeds are limited and there are restrictions to things such as filesharing.

VPNReactor Homepage



logo_vpnme has three free VPN servers all of which run PPTP and OpenVPN protocols. Access is limited at best, the servers seem to be offline quite often, however there are no bandwidth restrictions. Connection information is available on the website and the password for the server changes periodically. Homepage


#21 ZenVPN


ZenVPN is a VPN service by Liberconnect Inc, which is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Dominica. The free service has no connection speed restrictions but data consumption is restricted to 250MB per day. However free users can connect to servers in 5 different countries.

ZenVPN Homepage



logo_justfreevpn has six free VPN servers in North Amerca, Europe and one server in Hong Kong. The only VPN protocol available is PPTP, which is fairly unsecure. Usernames and passwords are listed on the website, and changed periodically. There does not seem to be any data transfer limits and very few other restrictions. I do not consider this a safe VPN service for anything that requires good privacy and data security. Homepage


#23 GoVPN


GoVPN is a German VPN provider which has a free account option that offers 500MB of free data per month, with an additional 500MB for every person who you refer to the service through a referral link. The free service only has 1 server available, but can be used on up to 3 devices.

GoVPN Homepage


#24 HideIP VPN


HideIPVPN is a VPN provider based in the United States. It does not have a free account option, but it does have a 24 hour free trial option which does not require a credit card. This gives you access to the full service for 24 hours, which includes unlimited bandwidth and P2P access for their servers in the Netherlands and Germany.

HideIP VPN Homepage


#25 CactusVPN


CactusVPN is a VPN service founded in Moldova, a small country in Europe next to Romania. CactusVPN does not have free accounts, but it does have a free trial option that does not require credit card information to signup. This free trial enables access to the full service for 24 hours.

CactusVPN Homepage



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