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oCam Screen Recorder Basic Tutorial

This video is a basic introductory tutorial for oCam. oCam is a free screen recorder for Windows developed by OhSoft. I will be going through the settings and setup process so that you can learn to configure oCam to function in the way you want it.

oCam Instructions

oCam Screen Recorder Basic Tutorial

oCam is free for personal non-commercial usage. The free version is also ad-supported, but has no restrictions or watermarks.

With oCam you can record both desktop and gameplay footage. Up to 8K resolutions are supported. Recording 1080p at 60fps should not be a problem either. For desktop recording, you can also add a highlight to your mouse cursor and animate clicks. When recording gameplay, you can display an FPS (frames per second) counter as well.

You can download oCam here.

Recording Your Desktop & Gameplay

oCam Screen Recorder Options

oCam has three recording options. First it has screen recording which captures your whole desktop or a specific area on it. Then it also has game recording, which records game instances running on your computer. And lastly there’s audio recording, which can record your microphone and/or desktop audio.

To start recording, choose the appropriate recording tab for what you want to record, and then press the big red record button. Alternatively you can also press F2, which is the default hotkey to record. Press the record button or F2 again to stop recording.

Capture a Screenshot

oCam Screen Recorder Capture

Next to the record button on the right side is a Capture button with a PC monitor icon. It should be visible on both the screen and game recording tabs. Pressing this button saves a screenshot, a still image of your screen. The default hotkey for capturing a screenshot is F3.

Configure the oCam Screen Recorder

oCam Screen Recorder Configuration

On the screen recording tab you can adjust the size of the recording area by pressing the Resize button. Choose from the preset options there, including “full screen”, or enter a custom size. You can also manually adjust the capture area by clicking on the green corners, holding and dragging them to make your adjustments.

To configure your output format, click on the Codecs icon and choose from the options listed there. MP4, MOV and WMV tend to be the most widely supported formats.

Adjusting your sound settings can be done by clicking on the Sound icon to the right. Here you can enable and disable microphone and system sound recording.

oCam Screen Recorder Configuration

If you want to adjust your recording frame rates and video quality, click on the Menu tab and choose Options. In the Record section, on the General tab, you can make adjustments to your FPS and video quality.

In Hotkeys you can change the keys used for recording and taking screenshots. The Effect section is for mouse cursor highlights and click animations.

Change the location where you save your recordings as well as the file naming format in the Save section. In the Webcam section you can enable overlaying your webcam on your screen recording footage, and also configure how it is displayed.

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