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Open Broadcaster OBS Basic Tutorial

This tutorial video covers the basics of using Open Broadcaster (OBS) to record your desktop as well as gameplay footage. We’ll also take a quick look at how to stream video to services such as YouTube and Twitch.

OBS is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, but this tutorial will only cover the OBS Studio version for Windows. However the interface is almost the same on all operating systems, so many of the instructions apply on other platforms as well.

Open Broadcaster OBS Instructions

In this video you will learn how to set up scenes and sources, and adjust the video streaming and recording settings. You will also learn how to assign hotkeys, record your desktop and gameplay, as well as the basics of streaming.

You can download the latest version of OBS by clicking here.

Video Recording & Streaming Settings

Open Broadcaster OBS Settings

To adjust your video settings, click on the “Settings” button on the lower right side of the interface. Next head over to the “Output” tab. Here you can change the output video settings for your screen recordings and streams.

The “Recording Path” defines where your screen recordings are saved. “Recording format” should be either MP4 or MOV, they are the best compatible formats with most video editing software.

How to Set Up Scenes & Sources

Open Broadcaster OBS Scenes

If you are screen recording, you only need one scene where you add your sources. But if you are streaming, you should have at least two scenes. One main scene with your streaming output, and a secondary scene that you can switch to if you need to fix something on your main scene.

To add a scene you can right click in the white area under “Scenes” and select “Add”. Alternatively you can click the plus sign on the lower left under the white area.

Adding a source works pretty much the same way. Just right click in the white area and select your source. “Display Capture” will record your entire screen and “Game Capture” will record any full screen applications. “Window Capture” will record specific applications running on your computer, like for example a browser window. “Video Capture Device” can record your webcam. Then there’s also the “Text” and “Image” sources, which are pretty self-explanatory.

Assigning Hotkeys

Open Broadcaster OBS Hotkeys

Assign hotkeys by first going to “Settings” and then to the “Hotkeys” tab. Here you’ll find a number of functions to assign hotkeys to. Just click on the white area next to the function, and press the key or keys you want to assign.

The most important ones are “Start/Stop Recording”, “Start/Stop Streaming” and “Mic/Aux Mute/Unmute”. For these functions you should assign the same key for the start and stop function. For example when you press F12 once, it starts to record, and if you press it again, then it stops recording.

For more instructions regarding streaming on YouTube, check the video tutorial above.

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