Paint Shop Pro 8.1 Review 2016-2017

Paint Shop Pro 8.1 is a graphics editing program for Windows by Jasc, a company which no longer exists. This version was released back in October 2003, so it’s fairly old but still very usable and it’s actually one of my go to programs for when I make my YouTube thumbnails, quick color correction on individual photos and some simple image manipulation.

PSP is fairly easy to use and learn, and it also works great on both new and old computers. I have tried it on Windows 7 and 8 and it works perfectly on those, but I have not tried it on Windows 10 yet.

PSP supports multiple layers, including vector layers for text and certain objects. It has most of the basic filters and tools that you can find even in newer free software, which enables it to perform fairly well in photo editing and general graphics editing. It also supports plugins but it may be difficult to find compatible plugins for it because of its old age.

You can download Paint Shop Pro 8.1 from It will come in a .iso file, for which you need a program such as WinCDEmu to mount the file so that you can access the installer. Installing it is fairly easy, although a bit more complex than the other options, but the website has installation instructions.

Also, I have made a basic photo editing tutorial for Paint Shop Pro 8.1 to get you guys started, check it out to learn the basics!

Quick Summary


Vector support for text and objects.

Tools and filters for photo retouching, including brightness, contrast and color adjustment filters and clone brush tool.

Multiple and grouped layer support.

Point-to-point selection tool.

Lightweight and easy to learn, works well on Windows 7 and 8, have not tested it on Windows 10 yet.


Download: (archive: 1, 2, 3)

Rating: 7.5/10


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