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PhotoScape Basic Photo Editing Tutorial

In this tutorial I will teach you the basics of editing photos with the PhotoScape free photo editor. PhotoScape is more than just a simple photo editor, it’s an entire photo editing suite with a variety of features.

PhotoScape Instructions

PhotoScape Basic Photo Editing Tutorial

Things you will learn in this guide include how to open, view, resize, rotate and crop photos. You’ll learn how to remove red eyes and censor your pictures. This tutorial will also teach you how to adjust colors, brightness and contrast, and how to add frames and borders to your photos. Additionally we will look into batch editing where you process multiple images at once, and how to make collages with many pictures in one image.

You can download PhotoScape from here.

Open & View Photos

PhotoScape Open Images

To begin viewing photos in PhotoScape, go to the Viewer tab on the top menu. In the Viewer module, on the left there is a file browser menu. Browse to the folder where your photos are, and click on it. The photo thumbnails will appear in the big white area to the right of the file browser.

Here you can double click the images to view them in full screen, and double click again to exit full screen viewing. In the lower left corner you will also see some image information, such as the resolution and file size of the image you have selected.

All of the other modules have a similar file browser function, that you can use to access your photos.

Resize & Rotate Photos

PhotoScape Resize

Resizing and rotating can be done in the Editor module, so just click on that tab on the top menu. Then use the file browser to locate the folder where your pictures are, and click on an image in the thumbnail section below the file browser. The image will now appear in the editor.

To resize your image, just click on the resize button, modify the size and press OK. You can also resize the longer length of the image by a preset amount, by clicking on the little downward arrow next to the reset button and selecting one of the options.

The downward arrow resize menu is also where you can rotate your image by choosing from three rotate options.

Crop Photos

PhotoScape Crop

If you want to crop an image, again go to the Editor module. Select your image via the file browser and choose the Crop tab on the lower left of the Editor module. Here you can start cropping the image right away by left clicking, holding and highlight the area you want to keep in the image. Apply the results either by pressing Enter or double clicking the selection.

Red Eye Removal

PhotoScape Red Eye Removal

Sometimes when you take a picture while using a flash, people’s eyes will turn red in the photo. To remove these red eyes, first go to the Editor. Then select your image and go down to the Tools tab on the lower left of the Editor module. Click on the tool option called “Red Eye Correction”. Now simply left click, hold and drag to highlight the area around the red eyes and they will be fixed.


PhotoScape Censor

There’s basically two good options in PhotoScape to censor something on your photos. The paint brush and the mosaic tool. First go to the Editor module and open up the picture you want to censor. Then go to the Tools tab in the Editor, and click on the paint brush tool option. Now click on the dots above the paint brush to adjust the size, and you can also select colors from the square on the right of the dots. Next simply left click in the image, hold and drag to cover the area you wish to black out.

The mosaic tool will allow you to censor by pixelating part of the image. Select the Mosaic tool from the Tools tab in the Editor. Select one of the size options for the Mosaic, I’ve found the Middle size to be the best. Then click, hold and drag to cover the are you want to censor on the image. That’s it!

Adjusting Colors & Contrast

PhotoScape Color Adjustment

To adjust the colors, brightness, contrast and other similar options, go once again to the Editor module. Find the picture you want to adjust, and click on it from the thumbnail selections. Then click on the button that says “Bright, Color” in the Editor menu. In this menu you can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hues and a few other options.

You can also apply preset filters to your images. Click on the “Film Effect” button and choose from a number of options.

Then there’s also a few automatic adjustments that you can make. Just press the button that says “Auto Level” and PhotoScape will make some automatic adjustments to improve the contrast, brightness and levels of your photo. You can also click on the little arrow next to it and choose from a number of adjustment options.

And finally to the left of the “Auto Level” and “Film Effect” buttons there’s a few quick select icons. These will allow you to choose between a number of low saturation or black and white color options.

Frames & Borders

PhotoScape Frames

Adding borders and frames to individual images can be done in the Home tab of the Editor module. Just click on the area to the left where it says “No Frame”, and select a frame or border for your image. Adjust the size of the frame with the ruler above the frame selection.

Batch Editing

PhotoScape Batch Editing

To process multiple images at the same time, head over to the Batch Editor tab on the top menu. Use the file browser to find the photos you want to batch edit. Then click and drag them to the Batch Editor on the right from the thumbnail menu. You can drag them individually, or highlight multiple images using CTRL or SHIFT and left clicking, then dragging.

On the right side menu of the Batch Editor, you can make your adjustments. These adjustments will apply to all images when you press the “Convert All” button.

Collage Images

PhotoScape Collages

There’s two options to create collages. One is the Page option, the other one is the Combine option. I’m only going to be looking at the Page option in this tutorial.

Again, use the file browser to find the photos you want to make into a collage. Then adjust the collage layout from the options on the right side menu. When you have the right layout, just drag photos from the thumbnail menu on the left into the photo boxes in the layout. You can adjust their position in the boxes to some extent.

On the top of the right side menu, you can also adjust the size of the collage image, the background color and the margins between the images. When you are done, just hit Save.

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