Pixlr Online Editor Review 2016-2017

Pixlr actually has a number of free graphics and photo editing applications for multiple platforms including mobile apps. But this time I’m going to be looking at the Pixlr Online Editor which is a browser based graphics editor that operates in the cloud. Basically you can use this app on any computer with a web browser that is able to use Adobe Flash.

Pixlr Online Editor is similar to many desktop graphics editors. You can use it to edit and retouch photos, graphics editing, image manipulation and much more. It supports multiple layers and has plenty of different tools and filters to cover most of your needs. You can also open images from URLs and some social media websites rather than only files saved on your computer.

That being said, there are better free desktop applications, but this one is the best browser based nearly full featured graphics editing tool that I’ve come across. Because it is browser based you basically dont need to install anything extra, just a web browser and Adobe Flash. This makes it quick to setup and fairly useful for computer that might not have any good graphics editing software installed, like those at certain internet cafes, public libraries or other such locations.

Quick Summary


Browser based editor, works on any OS with a web browser capable of using Adobe Flash.

Multple layer support.

Selection tool, but no point-to-point selection.

Filters for brightness, contrast and color adjustment with live preview of results.

Can resize, crop and rotate images.

Homepage: http://pixlr.com/

Download: http://pixlr.com/editor

Rating: 6.5/10


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