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How To Unblock Netflix With A VPN

Not all Netflix users are treated equally. Due to how media licensing works, users in different countries will have access to different libraries of movies and TV shows.

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to unblock Netflix with a VPN service. You’ll be able to access the best Netflix content from anywhere in the world.

What VPN Service Should You Get?

How To Unblock Netflix With VPN

The largest amount of movies and TV shows are found on the US Netflix library. It has over 1000 TV shows and more than 4500 movies. That’s the one we’re going to unblock in this video. But you can use this method for other countries as well.

Netflix regularly blocks VPN servers. They seem to do this by manually banning server IP addresses. So you want to get a VPN service with a lot of different servers and IPs. Because they might not be able to catch every one of them.

In this video I will be using NordVPN. The reason I picked them is because they have over 1000 servers in the United States alone. You can also connect to each of them individually, rather than being automatically connected to a random US server. This makes it easier to test which ones are blocked, and which ones are not.

If you want to check out some other VPN services, take a look at my VPN reviews and top lists.


Unblocking Netflix With NordVPN

After signing up for an account, downloading and installing the NordVPN client software, just go ahead and open the client.

1. Next click on the ‘Countries’ menu on the upper left.

Netflix VPN Tutorial 1

2. Then scroll down and find the country you’re looking for. I’ll be selecting the United States.

3. Now hover over your country option, and click on the circle with the three horizontal lines to be able to select specific servers.

Netflix VPN Tutorial 2

4. Here you can scroll down and try out different servers in the United States for example. I’ll just connect to the first one to try it out.

Netflix VPN Tutorial 3

5. Once you’re connected, go to Netflix and try playing a TV show or movie. If it starts playing, then it works. If not, try a different server.

You can do this on Android and other devices as well.


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