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10 Useful Websites For Business & Making Money

Personally I have been dabbling in entrepreneurship and small business on the internet for many years. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not. But I have found a lot of useful resources and today I will share with you guys 10 useful websites for business and making money.

Most of these websites will be handy for any small business owner or entrepreneur. These sites are not just for internet start-ups and freelancers.



Buxfer Useful Websites For Business & Making Money 2018

First on the list, and these sites are in no particular order, is Buxfer is an online money management platform. You can basically import all of your bank statements, investments, other expenses and see how much money you are making, where you are spending it and then make better financial decisions.

They have all kinds of charts and graphs which makes it easier to see where your money is going. Buxfer even supports importing your bank transactions to the platform automatically, although this does not work with every bank.

And unlike similar websites such as which is only for US and Canadian users, Buxfer is available internationally.

Signing up for a basic account is free, and a Pro account only costs 4.99 US dollars per month. Buxfer also has apps for Android and iOS, in addition to their browser based web platform.

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Robinhood App

If you are into trading stocks, then is a very good platform. The web platform is quite limited though, most trading is done on their Android and iOS apps.

Robinhood basically allows you to trade stocks without fees. Normally you would to pay have significant fees when trading stocks even at small volumes, but Robinhood eliminates these fees.

Unfortunately, currently Robinhood is only available for US citizens and permanent residents. And you can only trade US stocks on it at the moment. That being said most US equities and exchange traded funds, or ETFs, listed on major exchanges are available for trading. They are also working on a cryptocurrency trading platform.

If you are located in the United Kingdom, there is a similar app to Robinhood called which is still in development. But it should be live sometime in the second half of 2018, and they are looking to expand to the EU in 2019. Robinhood is also planning a European expansion within the next 2 years.

Robinhood Homepage | (UK alternative)



Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange

Talking about cryptocurrencies, next up we have, which some of you might be familiar with. Coinbase is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptos have been on a bit of a downturn lately, but I still think many of them have a good future.

On most crypto exchanges you can only trade in cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin being the main one. However Coinbase also allows trading in fiat currencies such as US dollars, euros, British pounds and many more.

Coinbase does however require ID verification. So you will have to submit pictures of your passport and/or other forms of identification to begin trading.

Coinbase also has a Commerce platform that allows you to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments. This system can be seamlessly integrated into many web stores, including Shopify.

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Google Finance

Google Finance

Going back to stocks, if you want to find out relevant financial news and stock market charts, or currency charts, then Google Finance is a great website to start off with.

There are some alternatives such as Yahoo Finance and MSN Money. But they seem more focused on the US markets, whereas Google Finance is better for international markets.

As for cryptocurrencies is the most popular website to check up on cryptocurrencies. However if you are looking for more data and metrics, then is another great option.

Google Finance Homepage | Yahoo! Finance | MSN Money | CoinMarketCap | OnChainFX



Fiverr Freelance Platform

One of the easiest ways to get started with making money online is by being a freelancer. And the freelancing platform you might want to start off with is

Being a freelancer on Fiverr, you can actually offer many more skills than just the conventional freelancing skills such as web design, article writing and programming.

Fiverr has a ton of different categories and people are offering just about any service you can imagine.

There’s a lot of real life skills that are transferable online. For example if you know how to play the guitar, you can offer guitar teaching lessons. Or if you have a degree in mathematics or if you’re just good at it, you can become a math tutor on Fiverr. There’s many possiblities to earn money.

The downside with Fiverr is that they have somewhat high fees, 20% of your earnings basically. They will also hold on to your earnings for two weeks before paying you.

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UpWork Freelance Platform

Another popular freelancing platform is Upwork is more suited for the conventional type of freelance work such as web development, mobile app development, writing, accounting and so on.

Upwork is used by a lot of big companies, whereas Fiverr is more geared toward small business, entrepreneurs and consumers for buying services.

The fees on Upwork are also quite high at 20% for your first $500 earned from a client. That goes down to 10% after $500 and to 5% after $10,000. But if you get another client, then the fee is 20% until you are paid over $500 for that client, and so on. Basically it incentivizes you to keep working with the same clients.

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Skrill Paypal Alternative

Paypal is without a doubt the most popular and widely used online wallet and payment processing service. But Paypal can be quite a nightmare sometimes. There have been people locked out of their accounts for many months and even years for often dubious reasons. Paypal customer service is also pretty terrible.

Personally I want to reduce my reliance on Paypal, so I have been looking at some other options. There’s two that I actually use quite often. One of them is called Skrill which is based in the UK.

Skrill is an online wallet service that also has options for accepting payments as a merchant with their quick checkout system. But what I mainly use Skrill for is their prepaid credit card which allows me to have another secure online payment option in addition to Paypal.

Another payment service that I occasionally use is Payoneer. It’s good for accepting some payments that only allow bank transfers to for example US banks, such as the Amazon affiliate program. Fiverr and Upwork also support Payoneer. So if you earn money through those platforms then you can transfer the funds to Payoneer instead of Paypal, and then withdraw them to your bank account. But you can also order a prepaid card for Payoneer to spend the money immediately.

Skrill Homepage | Payoneer Homepage



Coworker Find Coworking Spaces

I tend to travel occasionally and while I am traveling, I also like to work. Fortunately I have been lucky that most of my AirBnb’s have had good wifi so far. But if I need a better internet connection, printer, other office equipment or free coffee, then I’d opt for using a coworking space, and you can find a lot of them through

Here you can search for a coworking space in any city around the world.

You can find out the location, amenities, rates, reviews and much more.

This website is really useful if you are a remote worker, freelancer or digital nomad, basically someone who likes to travel and work at the same time.

Coworker Homepage



r/FinancialIndependence Discussion Forum On Reddit

Personally one of my goals is to become financially independent, and sometimes I do want to read about other peoples experiences in achieving financial independence to inspire me and maybe give me some ideas.

In that case one pretty cool place to visit is the Financial Independence subreddit on It’s basically a discussion forum where you can read posts relating to financial independence and early retirement. People on the subreddit are not exactly allowed to give personal finance or investment advice. But you can still make posts asking general questions related to those subjects.

Most of the posters there are Americans or Canadians, so all of the advice might not be relevant if you’re not from North America.

Visit r/FinancialIndependence



Valuetainment YouTube Channel For Entrepreneurs

One of the most important parts of being able to run a successful business is staying motivated. There’s a lot of different blogs and YouTube channels that deal with this, but one that I’ve recently enjoyed is Patrick Bet-David’s channel Valuetainment.

He’s an ex US army officer who become a very successful entrepreneur in the financial industry. Patrick really provides some thought provoking ideas and concepts that have helped me understand business a bit better and also allowed me to stay more motivated.

One of my favorite videos of his is ‘How To Make A Million Dollars A Year’. The title sounds a bit cheesy, but he has some really good points in the video. I also enjoy his interviews with eccentric entrepreneurs and businessmen like John McAfee of McAfee Antivirus and Gianluca Vacchi.

Anyway, check out his channel, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Watch Valuetainment


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