Vanished VPN for Netflix Review 2016-2017

Vanished VPN was founded in August 2016 by a company based in Australia. Australia does not have the best privacy laws, but Vanished is not really a privacy service, it’s primarily geared around unblocking various streaming services such as US Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, BBC iPlayer, SlingTV and so on.


Vanished VPN has servers mainly in the US, UK and Australia, as well as a special group of servers specifically for unblocking sports streaming sites. The service does not have its own VPN client at this time, you have to use the Windows built-in client or other third party VPN clients. They support two VPN protocols, PPTP and L2TP over IPSec with OpenVPN coming soon.

Vanished does not have any free trial options readily available, but on their terms of service it says that they will irregularly at their own discretion offer free trial options. So if you want to try them out before subscribing, it may be worth it to contact them and ask for a trial.

Their customer service is quite good and quick to respond, although it does not have a live chat option. There is however a forum, knowledge base and a number of setup guides.


I was able to max out my fairly slow home internet connection on both their US and UK based servers. I also tested the US servers with Netflix and I was indeed able to login and watch videos. The latency was above 160ms for the US servers and over 50ms on the UK servers, so around 10-20ms higher than normal. Nothing deal breaking about that and it won’t affect your streaming experience, but it may add some lag if you are gaming.

Security & Privacy

They do log your source IP, the server you use, when your session starts and ends and the total amount of data transfered, this data is kept for 30 days. They do not however log your traffic or the content of your communications, they don’t analyze your data unless by your own request, they don’t throttle or rate limit your connection and they are network neutral.

As for the VPN connection itself, they have two VPN protocols, PPTP and L2TP over IPSec available. L2TP is more secure, but neither protocol is as good as OpenVPN when it comes to security. However, in terms of bandwidth and latency, they are somewhat better. Considering the main purpose of Vanished VPN is to unblock streaming services, I consider this acceptable.

Cost & Payment

Vanished VPN has one account option, that is paid on a monthly basis for US$8.99 per month which can be paid through credit cards. There’s no Paypal or Bitcoin option yet, the service is still pretty new so I will cut them some slack, but it would be nice to have a few more payment options.

Quick Summary


VPN Protocols Country Locations Speed Latency Security Privacy Rating
PPTP, L2TP* US, UK, Australia Great Average Good Average 7.5/10

Netflix login & video playback successful. Last tested October 2016.


Cheapest Plan: $8.99/month

* OpenVPN coming soon.


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